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They say that a woman’s hair is a crown that you can never take off and that a glowing skin requires more than a commitment, but a miracle. But then again ladies, let’s not be afraid to take responsibility of taking good care of ourselves.

If Healthy hair days and glowing skin is what you seek, then let’s not waste another beautiful day! Keep on reading if you want to experience a Miracle in a Bottle.

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Obviously my profile shows that I am such a beachbum, and after several occasions of changing hair colors and getting my face & hair soaked under the summer sun, I have been experiencing hair loss & dry skin crisis.

I do know that this does not only go for beachbums like me, but also for those who has been giving their hair temporary treatments such as Celophane, relax, Hair Spa in a Salon and applying all sorts of creams in their face. I believe that everyone of us desires to achieve that healthy skin, beautiful shiny, strong and super smooth hair.

Which is why I am giving HairFoodCo a try, and make them fulfil their promise of “Healthy Hair Days” and be Happy to be free! Free from sulfates, phthalates , paraben and colourant chemicals. ( which is harmful for our skin and hair – more of that as you continue to read )



They’re bringing sexy hair back in Bacolod City! HairFoodCo is now open in SM City Bacolod, they’re at 2nd Floor, front of SM department store entrance door near cyberzone) I decided to give their store a visit and I have never been more educated on what kind of treatment my hair deserves. With the assistance of Yen (Staff) and Ralph (Branch Manager) I was given a tour and product education.

Personally, I have tried a number of hair treatments and I may be missing some facts on how my hair should be fully taken care of. Not till after that talk with their staff did I realize that there are products in our market right now that have active ingredients that can be harmful to our body, which results to unwanted side effects.

HairFoodCo is a haircare line zooming in to helping people solve their hairloss and hairfall problems in the Philippines. Their products are natural and nature-inspired using natural active ingredients without the addition of sulfates, phtalates and colourants; which is normally available to all other commercialized products for hair and skin that in long term can have a harmful side effect. With that said, we can guarantee that HairFoodCo products are safe and effective to use.

They have two operating branches in Manila. Next week they will be launching their new franchised branch in Iloilo City, I was able to talk to the franchiser and she is excited to witness the same success that Bacolod is experiencing in bringing sexy hair back to the City. Other cities with franchised branches are as follows: Sm Cebu City, Ayala Centrio CDO, KCC Mall de Zamboanga, SM City Davao Ecoland and SM CIty Gen San.


As mentioned, admittedly my hair has breakage problems and has been overly damaged, I needed something that could heal that. Awesome Volume Conditioner is just what my hair needed. This conditioner will give your flat, lifeless damaged hair the life it needs.

It is Rich on Avocado content that will make your hair less dry and will treat your hair loss problems.

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It smelled like a sweet-coconut-ish in a bottle. For best results of course I let it stay for 3-5 minutes then rinse. After 4 washes you will know what I mean when I say that you will see and feel a significant increase in your hair volume.

I have never looked forward to getting my next shower this much. Day after day I am that excited to take a shower with my Awesome Volume Conditioner. Everyday i try to observe how my hair volume increases. Positive results will not just surprise you but also boost your confidence, so to all my ladies out there, I highly recommend you to try out this conditioner.


Most of us our familiar with products that reduces hair falls and hair loss, but only a few offers to regrow your hair. That is what Hair Reborn Revitalizing Conditioner from Crown & Glory wants to give you. It promises to “Bring your Sexy Hair Back!””

As it is infused with power blend of Tea Pods from South Korea, Philippine Gugu, Aloe Vera and Rosemary I noticed that herbal scent when I first tried it. As some of us are used to sweet berry scents, this Hair Reborn Conditioners scent adds a therapeutic feeling whenever you apply it to your hair, it’s like having a hair spa in your own shower room. This does not only helps regrow your hair but also doubles it strength effect.

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And for best result I recommend using it together with the Crown & Glory Booster Shampoo, it will give the right kind of nourishment that your scalp and hair needs. It will eliminate the dead skin cells on your scalp that hinders your hair from getting the right nutrients that it should be getting to grow better.

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And ever heard of Hair Reborn Tonic? Yes, Tonic for your scalp. It will reactivate your hair follicles, which will make your scalp more healthier


I am in no shame to admit that for the past few days, this Sunflower Oil has been my bestfriend. If not all, well most of us are familiar with different brands of Sunflower Oil, but here’s why after how many brands I’ve tried, HairFoodCo stands tall amongst all.

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First, it is light and non-greasy and has 100% sunflower oil from Italy. Other brands will leave you with a not so pleasing scent and greasy feeling after pouring a little amount in your palm. Oh but not with HairFoodCo Sunflower Oil, I had a couple of friends tried it, it doesn’t leave any scent in your hands neither is it greasy.

But what are the many benefits of using it?

For your hair, it adds shine to any dry and dull hair. Instantly transforming your bad hair days to absolutely very good hair day!

Now for your skin? I have been carrying this bottle for the past few days and used it as a moisturizer in any time of the day. With its non-greasy effect, it will give your face that fresh feeling. Plus, I know that I am fully protected from the heat of the sun.

Best results will make your skin glow, minimizes stretch marks, smoothens wrinkles, lightens your undereye circles also removes any stubborn make up. I also use this as a night moisturizer, since I want to achieve that “I woke up like this” glow face.


The search for Argan Oil is now over! Right after my latest post in facebook about trying Argan Oil I have been receiving numerous messages from friends asking where I got my bottle of Argan Oil. To all my girlfriends, HairFoodCo will be our number 1 place to go to when it comes to Argan Oil.

I applied a few drops from their test bottles when I dropped by at their store, and I kid you not that my hair was as light as ever and was well behaved the whole day. It stops the flyaways, added a shine to it and it was smooth to touch. With continuous use it will heal your hair split ends, hydrates your hair, treats and nourishes damaged hair.


There is so much power in this little bottle. Facial blemishes is reduced, clears acne and improves skintone and texture when applied in your skin.

Be not mislead that oils such as this leaves smell and greasy feeling. Like with what I said about the sunflower oil, Argan Oil doesn’t leave any scent in your hands neither is it greasy.


Now let’s talk about scars. Girls, we all wanna be flawless inside and out right? Will outwardly Rosehip Oil is the kind of oil that will help us remove those scars of ours. It assists our skin to regenerate, soothes sunburn and will make your skin glow, an excellent scar treatment it is. it’s also a guarantee that Roseship Oil will be beneficial to my next beach trip.

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More than being a face moisturizer, it also heals and conditions dry hair. Brings back that shine on any colored hair and is also serves as an anti-dandruff treatment.

Again, I say Rosehip Oil doesn’t leave any scent in your hands neither is it greasy.

It is no wonder why they call it “MIRACLE OIL” , as little as it seems in a bottle it can do so much healing to your skin and revitalizes your hair – you really gotta try these HairFoodco oils!

Before, I am an unbeliever of such product, regardless of the brand, but now that I have tried it, I must say I am now an ADVOCATE of HairFoodCo products!

You gotta try it for yourself! It’s interesting how Hollywood stars like Catherine Zeta Jones, Charlize Theron would reveal that they are using argan oil to saturate her face and her skin to nourish it.

More HairFoodCo Products


Here’s for the guys! GoodTimes Superior Hold Pomade  is a strong hold, oil-based handcrafted pomade that is designed to get your game on! With its avocado content, it only not promises to style your hair but also protect your hair from the heat of the sun.

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Stubborn hair? Don’t care! Go get yourself Good Times Pomade!  


Again, Grey hair? Don’t care! Use HairfoodCo Black Back Shampo. As this may be one of the rising concerns of people who are aging. Black Back wil help you prevent grey hair from growing. How? It boosts the melanin production so that your hair will change color by time to black. `

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This is the ultimate answer to any hair loss problem. Give it 90 days, it has been proven that this product helps you re-grow your hair. This is advisable for people who are experiencing pattern baldness, spot patches (alopecia areata). And to the ladies, if you have “kilay problems””? (eyebrow problems) this can be used for eyebrow regrowth.


Now let’s get those Healthy hair days going and freedom from all the harmful chemicals and give our hair and skin the kind of care it needs. Visit the nearest store of Hairfoodco in your area! 🙂


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